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Drug Deaddiction and Drug Detoxification services

About Us - Osho Mind Care Clinic

Osho Mind Care Clinic established in the year of 2011. The journey started with a specific goal of holistic healing in the field of psychiatric disorders and addiction disorders.

Psychiatry being very vast and still, a lot is hidden in an area of psychiatric and addiction disorders, hence we aimed to remain updated with the latest advances and findings in the management of psychiatry.

Osho clinic has a uniqueness that it is one of its kind that combines psychiatry medicine field with spiritual concept of mental healing. Various meditations and exercises combined with. Standard practices in psychiatry give holistic and near complete recovery in mind disorders.


Dr Bharti MD (Psychiatry) has her intense knowledge and experience to deal with mood disorders and child psychiatry issues. Dr Kumar doing his research and treatment of personality disorders and in addiction psychiatry.


Epidemic of Drug addiction in 21 st century world wide is known to all of us. All of us in some or another way are linked or would at risk to get linked in this abyss of Drug addiction. Youth is involving at alarming pace in drug addictions.


Career counseling | Drug detection urine analysis in Drug Dependence | Assessment ofthe severity of mental illness and guided improvements  | ECT ( electro convulsive therapy).


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